Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Now I feel safer. at least in LJ.

I've got my tachcoma to watch out for me. He's good to go as long as I have that can of special oil.
Another quiet Sunday. My pals van has a cut sidewall tire. no fixie-replaceie. oh well. I'll call him today and give him my ear.
The sadness grows over the slaughter that happen in Paris. as more details come out what these animals did, Greif tries to turn into anger: they shot all the people in the first two rows in the music hall who were in wheelchairs. like I said, grief starts to turn to outrange.
Not to miss one moment to trash our President, certain cable news networks and local radio stations are trying to take him to task for what happened over in Franch.

But it is a pleasant Monday over here. Sunny and a tad warm, before the snow joins us later this week.

ok, I'm off

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