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So here we are, past Halloween, Daylight savings ( what were we supposed to save anyway?) and now, gobble gobble day is fast approaching. Are Reindeer far behind? Oh, did I mention my birthday. Yup. I look back and think, my god, I've made it. YAY. I'll be 66 years old. YAY. Wow, when I look back and see the history I lived through, and then look at what is happening today, I crawl back into bed and pull the cat and covers over my head. Nothing prepared me for this.
In clinical Psychology class, we had this amusing statement: If you came across an alien from another planet, could you explain to him what sex is about, while keeping a straight face?"

I believe the same is true for what is going on today.
But, hey, it's TGIF and......FRIDAY THE 13TH. You know what that means, me neither.

ok, I've done my best or worse, depending on how you view it.

I'm off