Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Fall is Hard work.

coiling a construction water hose, when its been outside in 34 degree weather, and some water was in it, is one heavy hose. but after fighting with it for 15 minutes, I got it safely and snuggling put away for the winter. now all I have to do is rake or mulch the leaves. but not blow them into the street. that is a dangerous practice. ever slip on frozen leafs in the street? or try to brake you car on a bunch of wet leaves? no fun.

so today, sad to say. is anther episode of the "TRUMP" show. egads..I wish the republicans would get their act together. AND QUIT LISTENING TO THOSE IDIOTS ON K-STREET! lobbyist are the cause of many of our woes in this country. do business for the citizens, not the companies. if the companies are successful, they won't need government help. HA HA HA.

oh well. Good think I've got me music to listen to. and, Scooter the cat has started a new habit. he'll jump onto my lap when I'm sitting in my chair and curl up and go to sleep. of course I'm required to pet him and say sweet nothings to him all the while. Cats!

ok, I'm off.

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