Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

so we're at happy Saturday.

whoopee! the sun is shinning, the breezing is just starting to kick up a storm and it's 43 degree's outside! it looks so good. in my dreams. its cold outside.
well, last night went well. I was volunteered to become elected secretary of another local club. it never ends. but this might turn out ok. maybe.
so today is decision Saturday: should I clean up the yard, or wait? I think wait. it's only November and we have 3 more weeks of yard waste collection left this year. it's a nice day. just mellow it out.
had a great chat with a fellow bass player. wow, that brought back oodles of great memories. My mom would sing and play the piano and I would slap the bass. cool sounds. the neighbors loved to hear us. but now, it is silence. the neighbors moved away ( too much music???).

well, I guess its time to enjoy the Saturday. fireman Freddie, buck berry. ah, those were the days.

I'm off ( in my memories)

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