Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Thats right! " I am a Monster!" I changed into a vampire and i hang out with

the daughter of the lord of the vampires. but I've only sucked the life out of one person so far. a moth priest. and I just nibbled.
and I will find a way to change back into loveable me.
The Dawnguard could be a whole game in itself. great game. now to hear about Fallout 4.

So I've already been busy rolling carts back into their lot and fed the cat. held the cat. petted the cat. gads! The cat gets more attention than I do!

so today, Happy last of the 70 degree days in November before it gets cold and we all get soggy, starts the downward trend towards late fall and turkey day. I do look forward to firearm deer hunting season. there should be less sounds of gunfire during that time.

ok, enough wit me.

I'm off

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