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Rake those leaves

and then wait, and then shovel the snow. "If it aint one thing".

Had a quiet Sunday. the expected guest didn't show, the cat decided to try something new since he wasn't hiding from the imaginary guest. He crawled up onto my lap, and stretched out and fell asleep. oh, to be a cat! Do you suppose if I tried that with one of my friends, they would understand, and scratch my ears? naw, I didn't think so either.
So today is Happy paying bill day. YAY. gosh, I simply love these days when they come along. dont' you?

oh, and Comcast removed my NHK live Japanese TV feed yesterday at 3PM. but not before I saw a show about the island where 90% of the population is "cats". what a kick.
so today is goulash Monday. YAY. I get to use my new kettle and garlic press. yum.
ok, I'm off