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wow, doesn't seem right. high today of 60. high tomorrow of 47. and snow to boot. talk about screwed up. But I am extremely confident that our congressmen will deal with it in a manner that will correct all the deficiencies. Boy, I must really be sick, huh.

So, Mr.Arthritis is really acting up and I got a house call from Dr. Cat. Now, scooter said all I need was him cuddling up as close to me as he can get. and to be sure to feed him when he wants it. what a healthcare professional.
So here I sit. turning into the human pretzel. ( without salt-that could raise Blood pressure). ah, glad I have the house calling cat.

I've still been thinking about getting an e-reader. wow, and to think I used to hop on the city bus, go downtown and walk tot he public library. Now I can just turn on the reader! Some technological things are great. ( smarty-pants phones I don't think are included)
ok, time to quit complaining.

I'm off