Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

tired Tuesday. Yawn.

well, I could have slept in, but the ringing telephone got me up. "I won a trip to Hawaii". ok. all I would have to do is sit through a time sharing presentation and I would get oodles of wonderful time to spend in paradise. where do these people come from?

I did sit through "The Hobit- an unexpected journey". hmmm. I would never have thought of Hobits as a musical, but a few songs doesn't harm anything. still, it did seem uneven and the magic was a tad sparse. it did pick up the old Hobit magic before it got over with. tonight, smaug.

otherwise, I have to pick things up and think how best to cook vegetables. stir frying? roasting?? I can't remember even having roasted vegetables. it does sound a tad interesting.

so I guess I had better go and see what the cat has gotten into. at his age, snoozing.

I'm off.

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