Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

ho hum Sunday.

there is frost on the ground this morning! Yay. I can't mow the lawn till it warms up. like maybe, May of next year? ok. much before that. But this is quiet Sunday. we have more empty houses around here then lived in ones. The good news, those houses that are lived in, have decorated their houses for Halloween! Wow, now it is starting to look festive and scary around here.

oh my. this cold weather sure likes to encourage me to sleep in. meowing cat couldn't get me out of the blankets this morning. That's a good thing.
My Saturday roast came out great! I swear, I almost ate the whole thing! Of course, this is what happens when one doesn't eat breakfast or lunch. Next up: goulash. YAY. and maybe a nice baked potato. good stuff on a cold fall day.

well, I guess I should be get going. yawning to do before I truly wake up.

I'm off

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