Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Wow, Halloween is about 2 weeks away, and it seems I'm the only one with a pumpkin icon?

what happened to the ghosts, the goblin's? it would seem, unless your a little kid, all the activity's will be at parties. Now I remember when the parks department held a huge bonfire at the park and served cider and donuts. my brother would always get sick when he got home. I, however, would simply go door to door and howler "Trick or Treat". I never got sick. I got fat, but never sick.

Today, Happy Thursday, is a cold, cloudy and now, rainy day. But the cat let me sleep in till 2 minutes longer than yesterday. Cat's can be nice like that.

So I do have the popcorn ready, the HOBBIT is ready to be viewed, all 9 or so hours of it. Wow. I can't imagine any movie that is that long ( ok, it's three separate movies, but on one topic).

oh well. now it really is raining. a cold November rain in October??

ok I'm off

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