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ah......October bites the dust....

I usually like October, with the brilliant colors of fall, the pumpkins, the children ( and their older sisters!!!!) dressed up for Halloween., what did I get? snow, turned down for credit, when I didn't even have an account with the company who said I was a bad risk. A reaction to the flu shot, and boy, there sure are other ways of avoiding the flu, getting the flu shouldn't be one of them! My domain name, which has sat out there for the last 2 months, all of a sudden, is valuable. The $35.00 to $135.00 price jumped to $688.00 to $1000.00! They can eat my shorts!!!
I was told that I really, in all honesty, buy Office 2004, cause my Office 97 just isn't upgradeable anymore. Probably true, but $350.00????
But, November is here, and my bad credit report is now cleaned up, I can even litigate if I want to. Oh wow.....
But, I have more important things to do. number one here, is to renew my LJ account. yikes. its about to expire. But otherwise, we had some very special kids over tonight for trick or treating. all little. The big "kids" were probably all being naughty at parties, of which, I must have mislaid my invite. sigh......
Hey, Happy November 1st.

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