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ah, 3 weeks to go before "BOO".

But I'm afraid I'll not be passing out candy. You have to have trick or treat-ers for that to work. So, maybe you can help me out here. Why get married if your not going to raise a family? you know, 2.1 kids, a dog and a cat and a shinny SUV parked someplace. oh, and a garage that you can't park your auto in.
Seems funny to me. But look who's talking. I have a cat and many outside critters: chipmunks, squirrels, rabbits and even an hawk. I have enough. but none of them will dress up for Halloween. Maybe when Thanksgiving comes along?

I also missed the first game of the Blackhawks vs NY Rangers. Two of my favorite teams. Now I'll look at the NHL site and see who's on tonight. Hockey!

ok. It's happy Thursday. yay me.

I'm off ( of my rocker!)
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