Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Hey, we finally made it. The last of September

So today, I'll celebrate by, rolling out the carts for emptying tomorrow. Yay me. I'll also finish that wonderful lentil soup my neighbor made on Sunday. yum. oh, my kingdom for some tiger sauce!!
or pizza. decisions.
Monday I also saw what I thought was the last episode of TMNT. I hope I'm wrong. but......

So we're waving bye bye to September, with it's last few rays of sunlight, 49 degrees and a clear blue sky. boy, is it going to get cold tonight.
So more entertainment with Skyrim. It's great to play an old game only to find out, they've improved it a 100 fold! they certainly must be committed to creating great games. and now, fallout 4.

I'm getting ahead of myself. oodles to do around here first.

enjoy the last day of September, for October and Halloween are fast approaching. yay and boo.

I'm off

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