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Fallout 4 coming in November.

But, with great news, comes so so news. I could only find it for the PS-4. anybody want to buy a sony PS-4 just to play one game? Why sure they do. But I'll wait. I just installed my brand new PS-3 controller. Wow, according to the play counter, I have put on over 1000 hours on the old controller. I guess, I really do like playing SKyrim.

So today is happy Saturday. The Pope is spreading his cheer and good will in Philly, we all seem to have a kind of good weather, for the 3rd day of fall 2015. My cat let me sleep in today and he cuddled as close to me as possible. ah...animals.

Our neighborhood has a new tenant: a tall skinny rabbit. and lets not forget Alvin the chipmunk. I wonder if they're replacing the lack of children in the neighborhood??? of course, the slum lords do seem to move people in and out faster than a revolving door! My neighborhood.

ok, I'm off