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Yay. us. "Have you all made out your pumpkin list for the great pumpkin?" ae you starting your Christmas list? What are you waiting for.

ok, it is sunny, bright, warm and getting warmer Monday. I can't believe there is no rain in the forecast for the next 14 days. I'm glad I mowed the lawn last week, but maybe I should have waited a few days.

Today is throw stuff away day. Except the cat. I was switching through the 800 channels I get with Comcast and realized, "There's nothing on!". Gillians island??? and 200 HSN type channels. oh well. there are nice things on too. I sampled the religion channel and watched them pleading for "seed" to help spread the word. Guess what "Seed" refers to?

So tomorrow I get to have my final exam with my digestive system: a CT of my small intestines.
Well, a complete physical is necessary in ones life. at least a couple of times, just to see where we're at, body wise.

ok, I'm off