Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

soggy TGIF, but the weekend is here.

and what a week is was. gad's, I'm glad that's behind me. September has been horrendous with tasks to get completed. but 99% of them are done. YAY for determination and patience. Now, we can sit back, and watch the cat jump up on my lap. anytime he wants to. Yay cats.
So today I try once again to plan where in the world to place my stuff. my little house done got filled with stuff and a lot of that stuff was not of my choosing. People my brother worked for gave him stuff. good stuff to be sure, but stuff none the less. BIG stuff too. yikes. So now, I kind of sort through it. I do not need any help, thank you.

Today is grocery day. I made my list out: M&M's, potato chips, pop, candy bars, and sweet rolls. "Did I miss anything?"

Actually, I'm thinking of changing my diet big time. maybe really hit the fruit and vegetable shelve. I have found one new sandwich I really like: Burger Kings Chicken sandwich with their special chicken fries. and I have them broiled , not grilled. yum.

Well, Mr. Arthritis has brought a distant relative of his with him this time. It's called fatigue. Never had that before. yuck.

well, time to go and search for the cat.

I'm off

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