Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Well, the colon exam is done with.....

everything went smoothly. except when my body violently decided it had too much Gatorade and laxative. then out it came, both ends! unfortunately for me, I had just gotten out of the bath tub and put on new clothes to go to the Dr. office. What a mess! So, I cleaned me up as best I could and with pajama bottoms on and a short shirt on, we went. actually, my pal kept telling me how I really should go. I was going to call the cancel the dumb thing. but I went. and almost 2 hours later found out 1. I do not have cancer of the colon and 2. no polyps. But I also had been injected with a sleep drug that would last for 12 hours.
but its done, and now I can get ready for the noise of all the kids coming home from school. yay us.

so now, I can plan on all the stuff we do after summer. like get ready for "ARTPRIZE", which is a festive event that is held in our fair city. great are!

ok, I'm off

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