Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Geneshaft. I wonder how many of you have ever seen it?

Happy Saturday. Wow, hearing the furnace kick on woke me up. it got that cool last night. Cooler, maybe even cold weather is on the way. Good. I'm tired of dew points in the 70's. yuck.

so today, is finish some ideas I had several months ago. Stupid Microsoft. if they're getting out of the software business, what will they be doing from now on? I'm still looking for web creation software. it seems people have given up being creative and have bought a complete "theme" to put their web site on. pitiful.
I have come to the conclusion a lot of people are either lazy, or just plain not interested in designing something. "anything!". What does that say about this culture?

oh well, time to grasp the day and sit in a rocking chair. ( I don't have a rocking chair- I pretend)

I'm off

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