Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

see, I'm already for my first day of school!

I just filled out my voter ballot card. I forgot we vote in November. For what?? oh well. I'm sure I'll find out pretty soon.
So far, back to school week has been pretty good to me. Even last nights dream. I had a dream with my special friend in it. He's been gone for 4 years. but he showed up during last nights dream. he had even trimmed his beard! Hmmm. in dreams we tell ourselves something.
The lawn is mowed and thanks to the rain we had just about all day yesterday, it is lush green once again. just in time for the leaves to cover it up. I fed the outside critters and now can relax a tad.
just a tad.

I've got the carts to fill up and roll out tomorrow: they are a day late due to Labor Day weekend.

so I guess I should get ready for the cat. He's already been up on my lap this morning. as he gets older, he requires more lap and petting time. cats!

I'm off

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