Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Hey, I celebrated the Labor Day weekend by

attending another club's monthly meeting. it's been a long long time since I went to one of their meetings. decades in fact. it was interesting. I was really taken back by all the individuals who were putting so much creative energy into their club. it was good to see such involved people. Now days, this is kind of rare. or at least I've not seen it.

So today, I get a visitor and survive this yuckie 90 degree heat and high humidity. is this really September??
I act two dinners last night: pizza and chicken wings at 5PM and then, at 9PM , won ton soup and pork and rice. At my favorite Hannan Chinese restaurant. I went out with 4 other friends. it was great! we talked till they almost kicked us out. Then I got home and promptly fell asleep talking to the cat! That's a good thing. he watched over me. kind of. till he woke me up at 6am. grrrrr...

oh well. time to enjoy the rest of the Labor Day weekend. just think, 15 years ago, I'd be sitting outside at a rest stop, providing coffee and apples to traveling motorists. our club ran a Operation Care Coffee stop. oh the misery.

Ok, I'm off

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