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Well, wouldn't you know the indian summer would turn into..

just another,yuckie, wet,dreary, overcast, cold ( 41 degrees by Friday)fall day. But, I've used the scientific method, and discovered, ( here it comes.....wait for it....) that winter isn't far behind. Wow, and I didn't have to use the computer once. yeah for me....
Now that I've got the silliness out of the way. So far this week is like a roller coaster ride: Monday I vacuumed up my neighbors leaves and ours, filling two huge yard waste bins. Tuesday, the temperature dropped from 71 to 52 within a very short time and there went the sitting on the front porch, watching the squirrels pick and eat the yummy Butternuts off our trees.( White Walnuts) Went over to Walgreens and checked out the Halloween stuff, but didn't buy any. Got home to find out the Maytag washing machine I bought used 3 years ago, died....No, even the Maytag man can't fix this baby. The timing motor and syn thing went out. $131.95 plus $59.00!!! nuts. so.....checking out the prices on NEW, not used junk! Lets see.....4 refrigerators, 3 were used, 2 washing machines, 1 was used....hmmmmmm
maybe I'll learn?
ok, now its back to normal Stereo. nuts.....

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