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stupid windows 10

well, that was the second time I installed windows 10. i just restored windows 7. YAY ME. AT & T came yesterday and removed, or should I say, hitched up my landline phone. Yay. but he couldn't removed the u-un-verse stuff. that's a different crew. so now, my computer desk is lit up like a Christmas tree. But, U-Unverse is gone. sort of.
So I thought I'd install windows 7 as a fresh installation. yay me.
only, for some reason, the installation disc stopped installing.
ok. no damage done.
time to walk up to the avenue and get my carmel candy things. it helps my mouth stay moist. my arthritis cause my mouth to dry out. yuck. gum also works, if you like to blow bubble.
I just got back, only took me 30 minutes. good job. but really muggy and hot and I'm sopping wet from sweat. yuck

ok, I'm off