Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Hey, it's TGIF-A.

and what a way to start 12 days of late summer. Mid 80's through next Thursday. Then what, early winter??

Well, I am one happy camper. Yesterday, I got rid of all the old junk and trash I had on the front porch. I didn't mean to collect all of that stuff, it just sort of multiplied by itself. ( yes, with my careful help too) But when the garbage truck emptied the trash cart yesterday, all the junk left. Yay me. and yes, I hosed off the porch like a good boy should.

so today is make a list day. it would appear I will be inside for a while the heat and humidity comes to visit us. maybe the windows or... watch a movie. Wow, I've watched more movies within the last 3 days than I have all year! Gravity, John Wick and I just started watching Enders Game.
But it's Friday and with that, means "Off the Record" from MSU and PBS News hours' political discussion with David Brooks and whats his name. Then, onto "Skyrim". I could have quit that game months ago, but keep finding and completing quests I didn't think I could complete.
ok, hope you all have a joyous, fun filled weekend. Be kind to one another.

I'm off
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