Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Thats little Goku. isn't he cute.

I watched Dragonball Z Kai. are you kidding me?? if you really want to reissue them, why not convert them all to Blu-Ray??

ok, are you sure the presidential election isn't this year?? gads. another whole year of hearing how terrible things are under President Obama, and how they will save the free world and control women's health. ( i.e. bare foot, in the kitchen and preggled)
as you can tell, I'm about to go over the edge. too much political non-sense. clown cars, eye candy commentators!!!

ok, so I accomplished doing absolutely nothing yesterday. and I got an award for doing that too. Today is my Leo Laport day. Yay us computer nerds. we go back millions of years. ( ok, 14 years or so)

I guess I should shut up and hug the cat.

I'm off

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