Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

See me riding the horse??? Yes,. now if only I could figure out how to dismount.

It's Happy Sunday. Yay. Adventurous Saturday came and went. I installed Windows 10. got amazed. and promptly reverted back to Windows 7. thank you very much.
W-10 is ok if your used to using a tablet, I suppose, but for us desktop folks, it seems like a lot to go through just to have an OS. So, pretty or not, off it goes.

Now I'm ( we're) waiting for soggy storm Sunday to arrive. some time today.

We're holding elections over here for mayor. all four candidates. Yay us. we can get all of our candidates on stage all at once. Roger Alles at Fox can't do that. Lets see if I'm ready for the big G.O.P. debates: popcorn, check. salted peanuts. check. soda pop, check.
There, oh, crying towel for when I'm laughing so hard I actually do start to cry, check.
it's going to be a fun week. but I see Msnbc cancelled a whole peck of my shows I used to watch. the cycle, the one gal right after them and ed Shultz. all this because they refused to have their on air personalities act like Fox's people. Good for them.

so it's back to cartoon network or/and nicktoons for me. ( if I can afford it that is)
ok, I'm off.

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