Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Mojo Jojo is writing you a belated Happy Birthday wish.

just he's busy right now plotting to finally get rid of those pesky power puff girls. He'll be back...

Wow, what a Tuesday. walked up and got barked at my a neighbors Samoyed. It was like heaven! I do miss my sammies. Then, broke down, and said, "NUTS". I walked over to"Jude's " barber shop and got my summer brush cut. wow. almost wall to wall photos' of women in bikinis! I mentioned to the gal, Mickey, the owner must be like 28 years old, and single. Nope. he's like 48 or so. Marital status undisclosed! But, it did solve one problem: where I'm going to get my haircuts in the furture.

Then, surprise, my 96 year old pal, his sister and other family member came over. I wish I felt as good as he does at his age.

That was a nice chat we had.
So today, is take out the carts and enjoy the summer. I've got a feeling this heat spell we're on, ( we've haven't had this many 80 + days like this since 1955) is going to be replaced by winter.....hope I'm wrong on that.

ok, I'm off, chasing that Mojo Jo jo.

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