Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

ok, work Monday. yuck

mow the lawn, must. pick up drive way.

now why am I writing this in my blog???? is this all the excitement that is going on in my life? Nope. this is all the work I keep putting off till it absolutely must get taken care of. Now, as for excitement, I got "Seawasp"'s birthday mixed up, in more ways than one. It's tomorrow, not yesterday. and yes, he is 34 years old. ( now you know what my birthday present to you is)

But I wouldn't trade how old I am for being a younger person now days. just think of all the great stuff we'd miss! that alone is worth being this age. how would you like being 24 now days??? NO WAY. Now that is scary!
I'm happy where I am. well, except for mowing the lawn and feeding mosquitoes.

ok, blue Monday is here. time to whistle while I work.

I'm off.

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