Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Wow, now that was the first time lightening woke me up!

no loud band, just a huge flash. then the bang shook the house. if memory serves me right, and it does, there was rain and possibly a storm in the forecast, for tomorrow night. Not this morning.

but, good news on a Saturday morning, I dropped two pant sizes!! Does this mean I'm on the road to actually dating again??? nope. just want to feel good and be able to do stuff.

ah, the will to lose weight, backed up by experience, are a unbeatable force!

can you imagine what would happen if I chose to run for president? yeah, dream on. I would probably end up sounding like Donald Trump and Art Carney!

oh the horror......

ok, I'm off hiding under the bed till the flashy lightening moves on.

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