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so, I'm now a U-Verse customer. I'm taking a wait and see attitude. this is like the 3rd modem I've had to get from AT & T and the second router. We'll see. ( the only other option I have is two Dixie cups and some string- I wonder what the download time is for that)
But I'm back to being a happy camper. I can't believe how much I really rely on the internet. like doing banking ( it's way to far away to walk to) ordering stuff, ( just about all the stores around here that carried clothes have disappeared. )
So.....today if my vegetable stock ( whatever that is) arrives, I'm going all out and make some vegie soup. never done that before.

and today is parade of the cycle, trash, yard waste and paper yard waste bags day. at least my neighbors can see I'm busy doing something creative.

ok dokay.

I'm off.....with a smile.