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Yay. remember 5 months ago when we slid and fell on the ice? today is a great day. The cat is creeping up behind me, on the bed, just waiting to pounce on me when he gets a chance. I've also discovered that there is something new I'm allergic to growing in the back yard. I noticed it Friday just standing by, watching my neighbor trimming bushes. I got this tickling in my throat and had to go inside to flush it down. Same thing happened yesterday when I was picking up the cut trimmings. in one year I'm getting allergic to something new??? well that stinks.
but the yard does look nice now. and the cow does show from the street level. oh, didn't I mention I have a 300 lb cement cow in the backyard? my neighbor had this thing about collecting cows, all kind and shapes. we got the cement cow due to nobody was able to lift it. he doesn't eat a lot so I think I'll keep him.

ok, time to enjoy the beautiful summer Sunday.

I'm off.