Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

yay, the women won!!!

and how. never thought I'd watch the whole game, specially one I'm not to familiar with. YAY. they did good! and so did the Japanese. Hard to believe they beat us in a past game, but that's how games are played. I enjoyed watching both of them. congratulations to both teams.
So here we are, the forecasted hottest day of 2015, so far. LOL LOL TEE HEE.
Yeah, right. and I'm a Mongolian skin diver. it could happen, but....

So Monday is starting out great. The cat is sleeping the AC bedroom and I'm sweating out here. ah, the animals life.....
Do you suppose if I tried to jump up on somebody's lap and purred, that might make a tad difference????
Nay, it wouldn't.

I'm off.

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