Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

TGIF was a very eventful day!

First off, my neighbor, the one who mowed my lawn and brings cat nip over for scooter, came over and started to clean up/out my backyard. when my lawn mower died last summer, I had no way of reducing the size of the debris, except by hand. Well, she used her Black and Decker thing a ma jig and it worked nicely. she then just kept clipping and clipping and wow, before long, we didn't need a rope strung out to find my back porch. yay her.

Then my ride came to take me to the grocery store, and she and my neighbor ganged up on me to buy yard waste bags and tags for my cart. ( I would have anyway, but usually the wait in the customer service line is way too long. yesterday, I just walked up to the counter. yay me.

Then, I provided myself with another opportunity to make an ass out of myself. and I did too! I haven't used my new credit card at the grocery store. But I did yesterday. or should I say I tried. there are two buttons on the card reader, one states atm/debit and credit. well, Mr. smarty pants kept treating his credit card like it was a debit card. of course, it wouldn't work. after 3 tried the poor clerk was ready to cancel the whole order, when I tried again, and this time, read what was on those buttons. I pressed the right one, and presto, worked swell and fast. Yay me.
I only got the credit card for a limited purpose and then I'll be done using it.
if I can survive making an idiot out of myself, that is.

but otherwise, TGIF was great..
I actually finished the "Eye of Magnus" quest in "Skyrim". I never thought I'd be able to do that... now I'm the arch-mage.

ok, I'm off. Happy weekend

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