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A great day in the morning!

Got my lawn mower back yesterday and boy oh boy, I saw a machine to end all lawn mowing machines! A diesel powered riding mower! Not necessary a commercial unit, but expensive anyway. Wow, that thing was fast and noisy. No, I didn't buy it. $5 to 6000.00 used and $16000.00 new. a diesel!!
Had a nice chat with the owner and a pal from way back when. Found out mr.lawn mower had a lot of parts replaced and also, 25 years of hitting Butternuts took its toll on the blade. I think they sharpened it, but may replace it, if they can order or find a new one. We got home and presto, just as I was about to mow the front lawn, a neighbor popped over and started chatting. so today I'll mow the whole lawn. remember, the backyard hasn't been mowed since July, of last year. yuck.

Ok, I'm off and mowing, I think.