Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

up and adam!!! we've got nasty weather headed "THIS & THAT" way!

in other words, you might be in a dangerous area too Here's a math problem for you folks: a nasty storm is moving eastward at 70 miles per hour with winds inside the storm is at 60 miles an hours. come up with a formula on which speed should you go hide yourself?

I love math problems, don't you.
Well, hope you all had great, loved filled "Fathers Day" yesterday. Us single, no living family types only had the Summer solstice to look forward to You know, the longest day of the year. so, that means, while we're just getting outside and going to the beach, we can all look forward to shorter days! Ah, the seasons, are great.

so today I wait and find out when we can go get the Godzilla lawnmower. and then, drum roll here, please, mow the Triassic field in my back yard. who knows, maybe i'll find a new breed of dinosaur back there.

ok, I'm off

and please take good care of your animals during this nasty weather. they do get really scared.

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