Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Hey, it's Happy June 1st. YAY US.

we greeted the day by sleeping in with the cat finally just sleeping next to me. I was the one to get him up! What a way to greet June. last night, the temp dropped into the upper 30's, and todays high will be 70??
ah, life is good. so we planed on 1. giving my neighbor, the one who lives behind me, her non-working cell phone back to her. she thinks she can have it repaired???? nope. not possible. replace, yes. repair, no way.

I ended May by making out all my bills for next month ( now) and watched nothing on tv. I tried to download music into my I-pod. gosh, I wish they made instruction manuals that one could actually read.
I guess it's time to hold the cat and scratch him and tell him how majestic he is. cats like to hear that.

remember, summer equinox is 2 weeks away. then, we start losing daylight??? viscous cycle, isn't it.

I'm off

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