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I'm never going to slay a Dragon again!

Wow, they sure designed the animals realistic. One Dragon has been following me around for the longest time. finally, I worded him and he actually seemed to go into some kind of death seizers. Maybe I can entice them to become my trained pet???

ok, moving on. it is Glorious Thursday. less than a whole week to go before June is upon us. and yet, we still have ice covering some of our lakes. At this rate, by December, you will be able to go swimming. maybe.

I still haven't watched Mel Gibson's "Hamlet". whats wrong with me?? A friend of mine let me watch Netflix and wow, all those movie titles, but nothing great to watch?? I'm being ridiculous, I know. but when one is confronted by page after page of titles, and nothing seems interesting, I have to wonder, why isn't there a nice really old movie service?? just a thought.

So what did I finally decide to watch? a Russian horror film called "Hybrid". it had me going for a while, right up to the moment when the "horror" looked like a goldfish in a upside down fish bowl.
I decided to pet and scratch the cat. he got a lot of enjoyment out that.

ok, I'm off ( my rocker)
and no more slaying dragons.


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May. 28th, 2015 03:28 pm (UTC)
If you have the RIGHT Word, you can make them be your personal mount, and summon a really badass one straight from Hell to destroy your enemies, too.

Personally, I prefer Arnold Schwarzenegger's Hamlet. :)
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