Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Now that was a pleasent surprize. My neighbor called me up....

and asked me if I wanted to go to the new everything grocery store down the street. I had been thinking about it, but decided I really had not idea what I wanted. So, she picked me up and presto, we looked at perennial flowers and plants. Oh, I do wish I had been up here about one month ago. I have a nice shady part of my front lawn I would love to see flower/plant filled! maybe next year or this coming fall.

So, what did I get, you asked?? why, Ranch dressing, a nice head of crunchy lettuce, bananas, some cheese twisty things, and some gosh awful shortbread cookies. but the nice thing, she paid for all of it. wow. do I have nice neighbor or what.

Now, it is voting day in Ireland. all about gay marriage. "What God has created we're not to judge!". That's my feeling on the matter. Gads, if we Ostracized all the folks I knew who were gay, I'd be left with half a class room at all my education levels! Not to mention some of the best and deepest friendships I've had in my life.

More power to them!

So we're up to the Memorial day weekend. Gads, I hate to think of all the friends and loved ones I've lost in life. I miss them, but do not wish them to be here now the way the world is. They truly are in a much better place.

ok, I'm sadly off .

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