Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Good bye David Letterman. So ends an era.

I watched his final show last night and thought about the last show of Johnny Carson. Gosh, I really miss him. Carson was to late night TV what Walter Cronkite was to news: relaxing and reassuring. Everything would be ok.
Coldbert will be interesting. when is his first show??

So, while I did that, I didn't really get a whole lot done last night. Well, watched my NY Ranger's lose in the first Over time. boo hiss.
Today is bumming Thursday. just be lazy and pick up the carts after they're emptied. and other things.

but it's warm up weekend and don't forget, Memorial Day weekend. That starts the three holiday season for us: Memorial day, The Fourth of July and Labor day. I'm surprised Scott walker isn't trying to get Labor Day removed. it would be like him. little minds and all.

ok, I'm off. be safe.


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