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Though it would be hard to tell. No kids out skate boarding, or bicycling, and the absolute greatest missing element, people wearing cutoffs!! Now I tell you, what is summer without Levi's cut above the knee??? Not much of a summer, is it.
But the grass is green and has been cut twice so far, and not by me. ( I hate that) But today is Happy sun shinny Sunday. YAY US.

So to celebrate, I watched "Iron Girl" last night. it was one of those almost had the budget it needed to make a movie, but not quite enough. It was Asian and actually pretty good.

But this is definitely not sit inside and watch movies weather: go sit on the front porch and watch the non-people walk by and say hello to my neighbors.
but, now snow. yay us. well, for at least 100 days or so.

Hey, I'm off ( still, sigh)