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I just discovered that we lost B.B. King last night at 1AM. He was 89. Now there was a legend in so many ways. a composer, performer and a producer. but, oh, what he accomplished in all of those efforts! We have several of his early albums and they're just as tune-worthy today as there were 45 years ago.

R.I.P. B.B.King.

I bough "Lucy". Because it cost about $4.00 more to buy it than pay-per-view?????? the world has gone crazy!! and music, I used to love receiving the BMG catalog every few weeks. I actually ordered from them. Now they're gone, or at least out of that particular area. No, I'm not going to buy from the Apple store. I guess I'll just keep visiting record labels and see what they offer.

It's TGIF and also grocery day. oh oh. here comes scooter. better go for now.

I'm off