Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

So, to help me learn to spell better, I've hired a tuttor: Master Roshi.

I bet I know all the ways to spell underwear at the end of the day!!
So here we are, almost, not quite, at the half way point of the month of May. Where does the time go? Many things to do, but not enough money. But still, considering what I have, I've done oodles!
Like this morning, Scooter let me sleep in. wasn't that nice of him. no, I just pulled the blankets over my head and ignored him. It worked this time. My neighbor's cell phone should arrive later today or for sure tomorrow. I'm having it sent here, because she isn't too confident on setting up her book phone. I know I don't know anything, but I can't convinced her of that fact. she doesn't have a working phone except the cell phone, but the company wants her to call them if she doesn't receive the phone. now, I want you to think that over, slowly.

Well, I saw a movie trailer for "Lucy". Wow, that really looked interesting. i might just check it out. My New York Rangers clobbered the Capitals last night to take the last position in the Hockey finals. Here we go!!

ok, I'm off.. Really.

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