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I've been a fan and a great customer of Papa Johns pizza since I first tried their menu items. so far, the yummiest is double cheeseburger pizza. yum. but now they're offering philly cheese steak pizza. sounded strange to me, till I saw how you make cheese steak on The American Test Kitchen. Wow, now that's a lot of work! maybe later?

great news for summer entertainment fun: there are new books coming out from my favorite authors ( right here on LJ!!!) and of course, the movie industry is casting for Godzilla 2. They turned me down. sigh. clark Gable I'm not, no matter what my mom says.
according to the postage person, scooter the cats AC will be delivered today. But Scooter hasn't even told me if he'd share the AC. some cat!!!

But I do love the little fur ball. even though somebody is shedding to beat the band. wow. I didn't know cat's had that much hair. "Have you ever tried chicken noodle hair ball soup?". yuckie!!!

well, I guess I had better get going. it's joyous trash cart day. yay me.

I'm off.....stay warm.