Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Soggy Tuesday.....sound like a broken record?? it is.

and only 52 degrees, instead of 87. "Can I move in with one of you till this non-sense stops?"

I didn't think so. oh well, I tried. had a strange dream. I dreamed I was sleeping in?? no kidding. go figure. That's almost like going to sleep and dreaming your awake all night. that came from a comedy rountine between Henry Morgan and Jack E'Brown. ( I'm not sure if it was E-Brown or someone else-that's a long time ago) Gary Moore and Henry Morgan. what great fun that was. Wow, I just heard that Verizon just acquired AOL. Remember when AOL mailed those 3 1/2 diskettes with their trial program on them? I think I still have some.

today is a slow day. maybe I can go speed it up somewhat? I'm going to look up friends and companies I have to contact.
Scooter the cat is meowing at me to hold him.

oh well.
I'm off
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