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climate change can be very scary indeed! 87 degrees on Friday, 57 degrees on Sunday! did I mention the snow they had out west? Folks, this aint normal. no, it's not happened before. ( just go search the journal of geo-paleontology) But whatever you do, don't ask any congressmen!

but now for the good news. Yesterday being Happy Mothers day, I couldn't find anything on TV worth watching, except for a few modern women stories that I guess was supposed to reflect "MOM". ( they mostly wore bathing suits so small, you couldn't blow your nose on them!)
I turned channels and found the most beautiful choral work I've ever heard: Gustav Mahler's Symphony No. 8 in E-flat major. I was transfixed by the passionate voice performance. From start to finish, I didn't move. what a beautiful performance to hear on Mom's day. Mom would have had tears in her eyes. We, Mom and I, were both musical and listened and played instruments. but this. wow.

a great way to remember Mom. The house and neighborhood filled with music.

Good night mom.

I'm off.