Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

From Humid soggy weather and where we were at just 5 weeks ago.

I'll choose this weather. no ice, no heavy snow to shovel. no slipping and sliding. yeah. green grass and a lite spring rain.

so the sever weather is coming later today??? lets see, earthquakes, mid eighty degrees then drop to 50??

I'm glad I have Skyrim to keep my mind off this modified bio-sphere phenomenon.
wow, where ever I turn in skyrim, I get a new quest. some are weird and some are really involved. these guys never rested.

So on Happy Friday, I get to 1. drop Comcast 2. perhaps start up the newspaper, 3. get the canned food stuff ready for the mail mans donation drive tomorrow and 4. lets not forget the 5/3 river bank run. the real name is The old kent river bank run.

ah. it truly is a beautiful day in the neighborhood.
ok, I'm off.

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