Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Happy Wednesday. ( how can anybody be this cheeful on every day of the week?)

Yes, today will be the start of WARM weather. like, 70 today and 80's the rest of the week. of course, snow and freezing everything over the weekend.
But I digress. I had fun and sad news yesterday. I walked, in the rain no less, up to the avenue to get a hair cut. I want to look pretty for the girls ( really, the cat). yes, I got a tad soaked, but it was that wonderful spring, not hot but just right temp rain. the kind that only comes in the early to late spring. Got up to my trusty barber, who has been cutting my hair since I was a tadpole. He's going to retire in 2 weeks! He's closing the shop and go to work for his son. I remember actually seeing him put a board across the barber chair so when I sat in it, I would be raised high enough to get my hair cut. I can't imagine him closing shop. But, he does have a lot of health reasons, so it is for the best.
my life seems to be one friends or business leaving after another.
oh well. so, this is what it is like when we grow up, and grow old? It sucks!
I really wanted to go through this life with my friends and acquaintances. But, the lesson of adapting to new situations, seems to have helped cushion this.

it's happy Wednesday and that means rolling out the old carts.

I'm off...

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