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so, welcome to HOT STUFF Monday!

The hot stuff, being me, cleaning the windows, like I started to do yesterday. wow, I had forgotten how hard it was to clean them. well, them was actually one half of a whole window. but it sparkles like brand new. I just found out my LJ account needs to be renewed. I few a tad alone in doing so. I keep getting these messages about whose birthday is coming up, and, I haven't heard or seen their posts in years. but I will renew it. its one of the last "Get together Gang" blog's I have. I use BLOG for my private postings to myself, like a diary, and then , LJ and Facebook. Facebook has most of my local friends in it. none of them use or possibly have heard of LJ. now whose fault is that, I wonder.

well, I guess it's time to get going. things to do. The postman has his food drive for a local pantry service. I've been donating to it for years. makes you feel good. I can't afford it, but the people who use it, need it.

ok, I'm off.