Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

The first full week of summer 2015.

and no AC for the cat! I struggled and pulled and sweated and said nasty things to the old broken AC, and finally, it moved. Wow, that things is heavy. I got stupid and did lift it, for a whole 2 feet before I quickly set it down. and I decided to let mother gravity flop the AC down the steps and then down the front lawn. of course, when I got it down to the curb, my friends showed up. it always happens that way.
We went out to Hunans Chinese restaurant. yum. chicken and peapods with egg drop soup. I couldn't finish eating all of it. yum. the last time I was there was with my best friend serge. that must have been around 2010. How I miss his company and witty conversation.
But, this time, I was eating with my friend, his wife and 2 of their daughters. Wow, what a tribe. if I were ever going to have kids, it's be just like them.

So, got home and promptly fell asleep while waiting for the mayweather fight to begin. No, I didn't buy tickets, I just wanted to see who had the longest reach.

so, here we be. getting ready for summer. my only concern is getting the animal an AC. all of my critters love AC. I can understand Samoyed dogs, but cats??
ok, time to be lazy. one has to have talent to be truly lazy. it's a lost art form.

I'm off.

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