Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

I think I've discovered how to beat Alduin.

But it's still taking way too long. I finally figured out about the charge power bar indicator at the top of the screen, that helps me not get toasted, but he still is flapping around and appears to be upset with me! Is that possible in a RPG??? I mean he's actually going after me. what we do to interact with a game.

but, while these are diversions, they do get us to think how to tackle problems. and have fun.

So here we ( the cat and I) are, on a crisp Monday, just waiting for, Tuesday???

No, we are thinking about the Fisticuffs that are going to take place tomorrow night. If I wanted to watch it on pay-per=view, it would cost $90.00! Are you kidding me?? Mayweather is from Grand Rapids, and is home grown kid. hopefully he or the other guy won't get hurt.

oh well. I was waiting to hear from MSNBC about their over use of that darn Polling software. when 25% of your viewing screen is taken up by asking you to vote on if the Presidents last joke was funny, it's time to change programmers!!
but what do I know.
now its time to really wake up.
I'm off.

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