Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

dreary, cold and if you stand outside for more than a minute, you'll become soggy.

excuse me while I look at the calendar. I could have sworn it was the last week of April. Good thing I greet the day with a hot, steaming mug of coffee. Yay me.
I thought I'd be nice to Scooter and see if I couldn't find any olde Sylvester and tweedy bird cartoons. Good luck. I remember as a kid, there existed two types of television shows on: adult, boring junk and Cartoons! Yay us.
I think the only place you'll find the cartoons is in a museum. they surely have gone down in numbers. My Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles, which was a main stay of Nicktoons, has been reduced in air times. I'm not really interested in cop shows or the show with the violin being plucked every few seconds.

ok, It's Saturday. time to play or just do something.
have fun but be safe.

I'm off

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